Madison Magnetic Knife Block – Walnut

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Our beautiful Madison range includes this decadent magnetic knife block in an elegant dark walnut to complement your good knives.

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THIS STRONG MAGNETIC KNIFE HOLDER is the best way to safely, and securely display your knives.

IDEAL KNIFE STORAGE to keep your expensive kitchen and steak knives sharp and save counter space while adding a touch of style to your modern kitchen decor.


  • American walnut wooden knife block measuring 9″ wide x 8.9″ high to comfortably hold at least 5 knives
  • Stainless steel base for style and durability
  • 6 Padded rubber feet to prevent scratches to your countertop
  • 3 rows of Strengthened neodymium magnets to hold your knives fast
  • Designer gift box for the ultimate wedding gift, housewarming gift or for a chef, kitchen or knife enthusiast

WITH OVER 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE in kitchen ware and space saving solutions we bring you only the best with our stylish range of wooden magnetic kitchen knife blocks

RISK FREE – purchase with our customer service satisfaction guarantee! So put us to the test and reward yourself with this beautiful addition to your or a friend’s kitchen

OTHER USES – our magnet knife holder can also be used to display your kitchen tools, scissors, utensils, coins and other metal collectibles

NO INSTALLATION – Unlike a magnetic knife strip or magnetic knife bar this knife block without knives needs no screws and does not damage your walls or kitchen countertops

BUY TODAY – Our magnetic knife rack board has strong magnets to keep your knives secure. When choosing a knife storage solution this magnetic knife block is the way to go look after your good knife set

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Baie Maison

43 reviews for Madison Magnetic Knife Block – Walnut

  1. Luis E. Aratche

    well made

    It Only hold four Miyabi knifes 7 – 8 inches but it is sturdy and , well made. I like it .

  2. Ropapa


    Works wonderfully and does just what it should do.

  3. Julie Kadletz

    Beautiful knife holder that works great!

    I will purchase this knife holder again as my knife collection grows. It works great and displays my knifes beautifully.

  4. kobi

    Very good product

    Exactly as Described, the edges are good for smaller knives since the magnet a bit less stronger,Will recommend

  5. Black8doc

    Love it!

    Love it!

  6. Kitty lover

    Is beautiful and holds knives very well

    Wood is very attractive and rich looking. The magnets hold even my largest knife securely.

  7. Heather

    High quality

    Love that it is a heavy block and a strong magnet. I’m not worried my knives will fall.

  8. Kirsten Ann

    Love, love, love this knife block!

    Beautiful and just the right size. Matches my walnut cabinets perfectly. Couldn’t be happier!

  9. Brad Dempton





    Great for displaying knives

  11. John h Wagner

    Actually is as advertised

    I liked the fact it is as advertised

  12. linda m

    Sleek and beautiful

    I got this for my husband’s knives. Yes, he has his own, and I leave them alone. It’s a happy arrangement. I love fine woods, and this is simply a refined block of walnut with gently rounded corners. It leans back supported by a brushed stainless foot that is invisible from the front. The magnets are plenty strong to hold large heavy full tang knives securely. Now his beloved knives are instantly accessible, but secure and safe with little counter space taken. That’s important. I hope to obtain one for my own piecemeal-obtained eclectic collection of knives that I use often.Very nice, very simple, yet refined. Love it.I should add that it was shipped really fast, but came only boxed in its retail corrugated and printed box, as you would see a product on a display shelf. It wasn’t even taped to secure. Wtf? Luckily, it traveled pretty well, the only damage being a tiny smooshing in of an edge. Thank goodness it wasn’t very noticeable, so it wasn’t worth the worry. Nonetheless, I question this slipshod packaging. That part wasn’t impressive.

  13. Caitlin


    We have a Shun vegetable clever and chef’s knife on this and it looks great. It’s quite sturdy as well.

  14. Jan S.

    Quality, good looking product

    This knife block is compact … takes up minimal room on the counter. It is attractive and the magnets seem to be very strong. It holds 5 knives very comfortably and they are in plain view and easy to select the correct knife, as opposed to the blocks where the knife blade is not visible.Great product!

  15. Emily L

    Beautiful and effective

    I got this block for Cutci knives. The dark walnut is beautiful and holds a combination of my 5 most-used 5”, 6”, and, 7” knives perfectly.Highly recommend

  16. David Kolbenschlag

    Excellent quality

    This is a beautiful knife holder. Heavy, sturdy and great to look at. It has a wide base to prevent tip over. However, as with any magnetic knife holder, you should not putll the knives straight towards you. Twist and turn to remove the knives. Some folks may not like that only the front side is magnetic but it works fine for me.

  17. Wallace H.

    Better than a block

    This knife holder is better for your knives than a block but, knives with heavy handles can be an issue

  18. Jenya Holovach

    Worth the money

    Heavy , not supper magnetic but it hold my 3 knifes

  19. Vicki Longnecker

    Great product!!

    I had another magnetic wood block that hung on the wall but kept falling off the wall, this will solve that problem and the presentation of my knives look so much better on this. The material is of high quality and delivery time was as promised. I’m very happy with my purchase.

    One person found this helpful

  20. Julia Schenk

    Beautiful knife block

    The knife block is beautiful! Nice and heavy so it doesn’t fall over, it feels very very sturdy. I’m very excited to start using it in my kitchen.


    Worth the money!!!

    This is much nicer than I anticipated! Very thick and sturdy. Matches our butcher block counters perfectly! Hubby is excited to display his new knives on this stand. Thnx!

  22. AaronWulff

    Elegantly angled wood with a strong magnetic personality!

    Excellent knife holder with real walnut and great holding power. It has a very stylish look also.

    One person found this helpful

  23. Amazon Customer

    Super knife holder

    Looks great on counter and magnet is strong

  24. Lyn

    The walnut coordinated with my walnut trip kitchen cabinets

    Held my new knives and looks attractive on counter

  25. siw

    Beautiful Magnetic Knife Block!

    Very nice walnut magnetic knife block. The price was affordable and the size is perfect, not too large and heavy yet holds 5 or 6+ knives comfortably. The Walnut wood is gorgeous and looks lovely on my countertop.

    3 people found this helpful

  26. Janis

    Love it!

    Just what I needed for a large knife!

  27. Jini

    Perfect showcase for any knife!

    Perfect size for up to about 5 larger knives or 10+ small ones. Super sturdy and looks beautiful in my kitchen. Highly recommend to anyone looking to show off their knife collection!

  28. Eric


    Great product just way too small, holds only 4-5 knives

  29. Robert

    Not bad but needs a heavier base to improve functionality

    Not a bad knife holder, looks great and functions well, just a few small things could make it great

  30. Kody Guentert

    Strong magnet

    Great looking product that is heavy duty. Strong magnet that holds my knives perfectly.

  31. me

    Would purchase again. great price, great product

    Happy with this product. It is exactly as advertised

  32. hyewon


    A beautiful knife holder!!! I bought this for a wedding present and prefer this over mine which is kinda same design but made of bamboo!

  33. C. Curtis

    Looks great, well made, works perfectly imho

    Looks great, and very simple. Replaced a (different brand) of knife block that had the plastic rods – which only lasted a few years. This one looks great and (in theory) will last forever. Love the walnut wood too

    One person found this helpful

  34. Andy Hilaire

    Magnetic knife holder

    Beautiful. Came faster than expected.

  35. Chris G

    Great looking on the counter top

    Good looking board.

  36. Mimiwar

    A beautiful, functional piece for any kitchen

    I bought it for my daughter along with three of my favorite knives and she loves it. The wood is solid and takes up very little space. It will fit with any decor.

  37. Elena

    Great design and quality

    It’s good option for not tall people, i can take easily, another blocks was to uncomfortable for use

  38. Elaine


    The magnetic knife holder makes my new knives that my son bought me from Tokyo look so beautiful. The wood is a beautiful dark color and the magnet is very strong. The overall product is extremely sturdy. I am very happy with the purchase and it was well worth the money.

  39. TF602

    I’d buy again

    This thing is a beast! It is sturdy. Not too big. Just the right weight. Wood looks very nice and the color is spot on.

  40. Trell

    Awesome implementation of great product

    I love this block ad bot only does the walnut finish look great i can add my own assorment of onives without worry if they would fit in a regular knife block. Also all my high end knives look much better being shown off with this magnetic block

  41. Venkat

    Excellent value for money

    Well designed, stylish, robust, excellent price

  42. Alex Feig

    Product fine but arrived with a dent in the corner

    Product works alright. My chef knife (thinner but heavy) doesn’t seem to hold as securely and slips, but my deboning knife and butcher knife hold fine.

  43. Eddie&Sheila Walters

    Great looking!

    Very nice looking wood. Very strong magnet. Holds my steak knives and honing rod with no problem. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a magnetic wood knife holder.

    One person found this helpful

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