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Our beautiful Manhattan range includes this gorgeous Double Sided magnetic knife block in an elegant satin finish Acacia hardwood to complement your good knives

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THIS DOUBLE SIDED MAGNETIC KNIFE HOLDER block is the best way to safely, and securely display your full knife set

IDEAL KNIFE STORAGE to keep multiple kitchen and steak knives sharp and save counter space while adding a touch of style to your modern kitchen decor


  • Elegantly styled Acacia wooden knife block measuring 13.8″ wide  x 9.5″ high to comfortably hold at least 16 or more knives
  • Stainless steel stand for style and durability
  • Soft rubber base to prevent scratches to your counter
  • Clear acrylic screen to display and protect your knives
  • Strong magnets to hold your knives fast
  • Designer gift box for the ultimate wedding gift, housewarming gift or for a chef, kitchen or knife enthusiast

WITH OVER 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE in kitchenware and space saving solutions we bring you only the best with our stylish range of wooden magnetic kitchen knife blocks

RISK FREE purchase with our customer service satisfaction guarantee! So put us to the test and reward yourself with this beautiful addition to your or a friend’s kitchen

NO INSTALLATION – Unlike a magnetic knife strip or magnetic knife bar this knife block without knives needs no screws and does not damage your walls or kitchen countertops

BUY TODAY – Our magnetic knife rack board is an elegant statement piece for all your knife storage. When choosing a knife organizer solution our stylish double sided wide magnetic knife block will be the envy of all your friends and help you to look after and organize your knife set

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Baie Maison

59 reviews for Manhattan Double Sided Magnetic Knife Block – Acacia

  1. Welsh Corgi fan

    Great storage one small flaw

    This would be a 5 if the screws had not been somewhat problematic. It was hard to tighten them and they did not tighten as much as I would have liked. Otherwise great storage in an efficient size block!

  2. Gail Joseph

    Gorgeous knife rack!

    I love this knife rack! It holds so many knives in such a compact, sleek style!

  3. Beanie

    Excellent quality and customer service

    I’ve had this knife holder for over a year and it’s as good as new. It’s so attractive, sturdy and holds my collection of 11 knives along with kitchen scissors. When it first arrived I had a problem assembling it until I realized one of the screws was too long. A second screw was defective as the slot for the alien key was too small. I managed to use the screws but installation wasn’t perfect. I sent an email to the company and they replied quickly. They didn’t have replacement screws due to supply chain issues (Covid related) but offered to send me a new unit. I told them not to bother as the unit was functional even with the defective screws. A week letter they sent me an email saying that they were able to locate two extra screws and they were mailed immediately. I was so impressed with the quick response and follow-up. They really wanted me to be a satisfied customer and I am. Don’t hesitate to buy this.

  4. Christina Manning-Lester

    Beautiful design

    I LOVE this block! It’s sleek design is perfect! Magnetic is strong enough to hold but doesn’t give a problem when getting a knife out!

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  5. My Thoughts

    takes less counter space

    After carefully looking through the packaging, I realized that the screw for the plastic cover were missing. I contacted them and received an immediate reply. it took a few days to get the parts but now it is put together. It actually worked without the plastic but I think it is safer with it on.I first tried the placement under a cabinet. That worked fine without the plastic. However, with the plastic, the entire holder has to be tipped toward you because the knives have to be pulled up and out.It is a strong magnet and works very well. I like it a lot. The guests in my kitchen like it too because they can see the knife they want before it is pulled out.

  6. mousehound369

    Very nice orginizer.

    Love the design, love the space that is saved by it’s 3-3/4in. width at it’s base. Before I start my review I should tell you that I am a picky collector of nice things and I like things to be in order. I bought this attractive knife holder in order to show off my nice collection of Damascus steel knives and to this end I am well pleased. My issue Lie’s in the placement of magnets within the block. Are they strong? yes. But they seem to be placed in no sense of order. If you are someone who likes his knives in descending order by size and weight, then the magnets are way off. I have a 9.5in chefs knife that is the largest and heaviest in my collection. Therefor it is first in line on my board. However the nearest magnet to it is located about two to three inches away and knife simply slides to bottom of holder and comes to rest on it’s point. Not good. This knife and the second knife both have two inch wide blades. The second and third knife possessions seem to have the greatest magnetic pull and are the knives that are most secure. But guess what happens to the first and largest knife? It is pulled toward and off angle by the magnet and will sit at about the one o’clock possession coming to rest against the second knife. Also not good. So if you want your heaviest knife over the strongest area of magnetic strength, things are going to be out of order. This issue I tried to solve by using the same alinement of knives on the other side of board which did not help. I have thirteen knives in my holder ranging from three inch wide blade down to .75in. All in, I do like this product very much. Get the magnets placed a little better in the block and you have got yourself a five star product that anyone would love to have on their kitchen counter top. 12/17/19. Every time I walk into my kitchen and see my Damascus knives so beautifully displayed in my new knife holder I really must place any problems with magnets on hold. So much nicer then an older style block set. Changing my review to five stars is a small thing to do for something so nice.

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  7. Agooddane

    Perfect Design and Function

    Just received this knife rack and I’m so impressed. Heavy weight, with narrow but stable base so the footprint on the bench is minimised. This holds all my knives (retired chefs have heaps), and the clear perspex shield provides the security of not just relying on the magnetic surface. Must admit that when I opened the pack and saw assembly was needed & an allan key and screws iincluded inside had me a bit nervous.. sometimes on lesser quality items the alignments are out or the drilled holes are badly sized. Not so with this. It took just a couple of minutes to secure, and then the brain light went on and I realised that this allows it to be pulled down for thorough cleaning. Der! So I recommend this good looking and clever rack with confidence to buyers. You will love it.

  8. S. Tucker

    Wonderful holder!

    I love this! The knives stay clean and dust and grease free. Holds an entire set of knives, including my steak knives!

  9. Mary C E

    Gorgeous and functional

    This product is perfect for me. Now I have all of my knives at my work station, and I can clearly see which is which. I love the look of this knife holder and its slim footprint on my countertop.

  10. Martha M Grout, MD, MD(H)

    Wonderful magnetic knife rack

    Space saving, large capacity, easy to gets knives in and out without ruining them. I am VERY pleased with this rack. So nice to see which knife you are pulling out.

  11. Lisa S Kelly

    Good customer service

    The knife rack is beautiful and very solid. It arrived with one screw that was defective and customer service promptly replaced it within the week. Cleaning may be a slight nuisance since you have to remove the screws to clean the acrylic screen, but it’s a minor issue, and probably necessary only infrequently.

  12. Capo


    Shouldn’t feature pics with knives in them if they aren’t included

  13. Christine Fulton

    Knives don’t come with it

    I ordered this thinking knives came with it. They don’t. The block is beautiful and I will be buying knives for it

  14. poppajobe

    Looks good

    Looks good, easy to clean.

  15. Rick

    Great quality product!

    Extremely high quality product at a reasonable price. I wouldn’t waste your time looking farther than the Baie Maison product line

  16. D. DEZELL

    Happy with my purchase

    Easy to put together, knife storage capacity is great. Thought I would miss my built in knife cabinet but I don’t!! Really like this product.

  17. Andrew W

    High quality product and great customer service

    Great customer service experience from Baie Maison – would highly recommend purchasing any items from them!

  18. Emilie

    Simple, sturdy and fun knife holder 🙂

    Love this new addition to my kitchen! Simple but not cheap and fits right in with my farmhouse decor. Sturdy base prevents tipping over. The magnet on both sides keeps the knives in place. Love this brand of kitchenware.

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  19. Betty Cruz

    Magnetic doublesided knife block

    Great quality!

  20. “calmelcel”

    Sturdy. Great appearance

    The media could not be loaded.

     Everything as described. Sturdy. Ample. Appearance appropriate for new kitchen.

  21. anonymous

    Very good product

    Solid product. Magnets are strong. Big enough to expand. I like it.

  22. P Shif


    We just spent a boatload of money on a new kitchen. When doing the demo we just threw away our 25 year old knife set and block.Over the years we had added some Rada knives through fundraisers at our local school and LOVE them. We decided that spending a bit extra for a knife set that will last our lifetime was a good investment. The issue is we had a lot of knives and needed somewhere to put them. We could have dedicated a drawer but we really need that space so I starred shopping for a new block to go on the counter. We saw this and liked the lack of space it will take up and really liked the acrylic protector since we have two untrainable cats that love to sneak onto counters.First, this is very heavy and sturdy. It is well made and was pretty easy to assemble. The screws can be undone when it needs cleaned. The quality is fantastic.I also like the look. It displays the knives well and they stick to the magnet. The acrylic is a nice safeguard because that will also hold them up.What I like the best is the capacity. I have almost 20 knives of various sizes and still can fit a few smaller add ons but I doubt I will need to.Now my good knives are available and are able to be accessed anytime and look great. As a bonus, this has to be more sanitary than a traditional block.Overall this is exactly what I needed. Once we get the kitchen finished off we will find it the best spot where this block will display my lives forever. I couldn’t be happier. This was well worth paying extra.

  23. Pei-hsuan chen

    Nice knife holder for less money

    Very nice knife holder. It holds eight medium size knife, very sturdy and save lots spaces

  24. Fre Wil

    Knife rack

    Works great an amazing product. Looks cool. Matches my new knife set.#frewil

  25. jeremy


    This is very sturdy and looks nice on the counter. There were lots of cheaper options. But they are cheap for a reason.

  26. Kimberly Labrador

    Sexy and useful knife holder

    It’s a really sturdy knife holder that can easily handle 10 chefs knives. Best part is it cost significantly less than other similar designer knife holders. I’m very pleased.

  27. Nick Ramon

    Amazing customer service.

    One of the clear plastic (?) panels was damaged in shipping. I reached out to the manufacturer and they were gracious and helpful in getting a replacement. The product itself was as advertised and easy to assemble. I’ve never had any other magnetic knife block to compare it to but I am happy with the quality and would recommend it.

  28. John Cunningham

    Product is exactly as advertised … purchaser should be happy with this magnetic knife block

    I was very happy that the product received was very much like the product advertised. Minimal assembly was required (adding plexiglass screens to the knife block). The block looks good, had plenty of room for all my knives and showed them off very nicely. Nice and sturdy with a weighted base.

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  29. clearlight2009

    Convenient and very sturdy!

    Perfect for the space we have. Accommodates the knives we have and does not extend too far on the counter!

  30. Jennifer R.

    Missing screw

    Very nice product but missing one screw for the acrylic screen.

  31. Rebecca

    Wonderful knife block!

    Baie Mason was wonderful responding back to me when I contacted them about a scratch on the base that was there when I received it upon shipment. When you receive your order there is a card to contact them to be able to enter to possibly win up to the amount that you paid for your knife block. Well I had to contact them about the scratch. She was very friendly, very fast, and follows up with you appropriately!! She gave me the option of a certain amount of money back or return the knife block back. I didn’t think it was that bad to return it back, so I just took the money back for the defect. They were very speedy at sending the money to my bank account as well! I will be shopping with them again definitely!!!!

  32. Joan Gill

    Great improvement over the knife block

    We have more large knives than fit in the knife block with it’s preconfigured sizes and now we can keep all our knives out and ready for use.

  33. DJ


    Looks great, very solid.

  34. Vlnrs


    I was genuinely surprised with the quality of this knife block. I’ve purchased more expensive ones and returned them and so glad I got this one. It’s so solid and you feel the quality. The wood is really good looking and the magnets are super strong. Looks amazing. Highly recommend this set!

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  35. Jacek

    Just great !

    Finally a very high quality Holder which can hold All my 16 knives :). Super quality ! I could not wait to get it and it surpassed my expectations !

  36. Teresa Mo

    Amazon’s service is the best!

    Love this knife holder, love Amazon’s service, enjoying every single item I bought from Amazon!

  37. Kindle Customer

    The best thing for my knives

    The best

  38. GiGi

    That I can see the knives.

    I liked many things. I can see which knife I want to use. It keeps the knives clean. Other knife holders collect all kinds of dust and things I can’t even see that drop in the little slots.

  39. Sandra H.

    It’s just ok

    It’s nice but the wood gets scraped up pretty easily. Mine has knife marks all over it now.

  40. BB



  41. QuiteTheHandful

    So much better than a knife block!

    I bought this holder to replace the TWO knife blocks on my counter. I don’t like the inability to clean them, plus they are counter hogs. This beauty holds as many knives, takes up less room, and is easy to clean. Did I mention how nice it looks?Worth the money!

  42. Cross Country

    Love it!

    Love this block. Was missing screws but the company made corrections very quickly and was very professional. Would 100% buy it again.

  43. Amazon Customer

    Nice statement piece for the kitchen!!

    It’s a great knife block, very sturdy and has plenty of storage for my knives. I loved the knife block but I didn’t measure properly for my small space so I needed to return it. Tip: Measurements need to include the length of the longest knife handle for the space you’ll place your knife block.

  44. Jessica G.

    Great product.

    This a great product very well made and exceeded my expectations on quality and look.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Beautiful Knife Block

    Beautiful knife block and very well made.

  46. Diane W.

    Nice look from the block style

    Very stylish and a great gift.

  47. Rishathra

    Very nice!

    I got two of these, they look great, they keep the dust off due and stay in place due to the plexiglass and they will stay in place even in an earthquake. The only problem is I wish it was a little taller or a set of magnets along the bottom because my sujihiki is a hair to long which is not the fault of the holder and I also wish they made a version for utensils with a little bit longer spacer for the plexiglass. You can’t put kitchen shears or even a honing rod it between the wood & the plexiglass, but for knives only it is better for less space between the plexiglass and the wood.

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  48. Sue Lee


    Love this knife holder! It’s everything it says it is! It looks great on the counter – doesn’t take up much space. It holds all the knives, large and small, AND the poultry shears too! HIGHLY recommend this product!

  49. Knute000

    Great Knife Block, but not for Ceramic Knives!

    This appears to be well made quality product with thick stainless steel base, 1″ thick wood piece with the embedded magnets and protective clear acrylic plastic screens on both sides. Works well with steel knives but not with my new black ceramic kamikoto chefs knives (zirconium dioxide) . This is not a flimsy knife block but rather a quality product someone put a lot of thought into. I like the acrylic “shields” which are a great safety feature, especially if you have have younger children who like to grab onto things. I highly recommend this product.

  50. Mark Mollico

    Great magnetic knife block

    I was looking to upgrade my knife block. I was looking at various magnetic ones when I came across this one. I spent the extra money and got the walnut version. The knife block is great. It holds all of my better knives and even has room for a set of kitchen shears. The magnets are strong and hold the knifes right where they are slid in at. The knives slide out smoothly when needed. I have 14 knives and a set of shears in my block. I could probably squeeze in another knife or two if needed. The block handles large knifes including my 8” Chef’s knife and 9” bread knife. I also have a 10”+ carving knife on the back side. Overall I’m very happy with the purchase. It looks great and goes great with my dark kitchen cabinets.

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  51. Mark Winchester

    Love my magnetic knife storage!

    It’s sturdy and looks great on the counter. I bought the largest one and am glad I did bc I can put all my knives in it and not have them in a drawer. Love it!

  52. Chelsey

    I love mine and looks so fantastic!

    I did research a bit before buying this and took a chance. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I will say though to be careful when loading and unloading knife because it does scratch the wood EXTREMELY easily!

  53. Chuck F

    Easy Access – Ease of Use – And Good Looking!

    I received this Stylish Large Magnetic Holder about a month ago. Setup was a breeze (easy attach plexiglass shield) and I placed 6 knives on each side allowing me to work on either side of the island in our custom Chef’s kitchen.Every knife fit from 12″ Bread Knife to 4″ Paring Knife – and my Chef’s and Santoku knives of various sizes.In practical use, I had no trouble accessing the knife needed and replacing it in the block. I did find that if after washing a knife it was still a little damp, it air-dried within just a few minutes.I highly recommend this knife block for those who find that they like options that are not provided by the standard fitted knife block. My old block had room for 4 knives – having 12 within easy reach is great!

  54. Sarah Upchurch


    I cannot say enough good things about this knife block. But first things first, the customer service I received from this company! I ordered a block and it came with a small stress crack in the corner of the plastic from where it appeared the screw had been tightened too tight. The company quickly got me a new one shipped out the very next day. This block is very heavy and great quality. I liked it so much I bought a second one for myself (since the first one was a gift). I have a set of Rada knives that I needed to get a block for and this is perfect – it fits all sizes, even the long bread knife! Couldn’t be happier.

  55. wsthibet

    Superior Prouct, delivery and service.

    I was a bit worried my kitchen knives may not fit. It was delivered early with great support. You will know immediately when you register to receive your block for free if you are lucky. It was packaged well and well exceeded my expectations. This is the real deal with an unexpected quality product. If you need a knife block look no further and in my pictures it gives you an example of two different types of knives. Very seldom do I give more than a quick review but this product has outdone everything I had expected. Thank you for this item……

  56. musicman

    Beautiful and practical.

    Awesome display Not inexpensive but well worth it. Very beautiful.

  57. Don G. Knight

    Solid, but missing parts

    The product seems well made and sturdy, but I seem to be missing the screws to hold the plastic guards on the block

  58. Michael

    Stylish countertop presentation

    I like that both sides are useable

  59. Dave

    Very well made

    First off, you have to know that his magnetic knife holder is very well built. The base has a thick rubbery pad, which keeps it balanced and prevents sliding. The wood is solid and shows a lovely grain. The clear cover isn’t flimsy and is an added layer of protection. It made me feel a little more comfortable with 3 teenagers in the house.The storage is ample for most with a single set of knives. It fit the bill for my use, as I needed something to house the additional cutlery not a part of my original block set. To put its size in perspective, that’s an 11” slicer, 10” butcher, 8” rocking chef, 7” vegetable cleaver and 7” meat cleaver that you see in the front. Being two-sided, there’s also room for less frequently used knives.Its design doesn’t give it a large footprint either. The second pic taken from the side shows how much less space it takes up than a block. That’s something to consider if you’re short on counter space, or just don’t like clutter.The price is definitely on the higher side, but it really is a quality piece. Putting it together was simple, and only took a few minutes. Rubbing a bit of mineral oil over the wood surface will help protect it and keep its luster

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