Provence Large Farmhouse Bread Box With Utensil Holder

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This beautiful extra large farmhouse bread box with French Provincial styling with matching kitchen utensil holder will perfectly compliment your farmhouse, vintage or country style kitchen.


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EXTRA LARGE BREAD BOX – holds 2+ loaves with space to keep your bread rolls, bagels, hotdog and hamburger buns, tortillas, waffles, chips all organised and help to keep your bread fresh. Extra tall so this kitchen counter organizer will save you precious counter space making it the ultimate bread loaf container

LARGE KITCHEN UTENSIL HOLDER for COUNTERTOP – holds all your essential kitchen cooking utensils and tools like wooden spoons, ladles, spatulas, tongs & whisks. With extra height & width this big rustic cooking utensil holder will save you precious counter space making it the ultimate kitchen storage organizer cup

BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE KITCHEN FARMHOUSE DÉCOR – our stylish Provence white and black kitchen decor bread storage container and utensil crock will be the envy of all your friends with their charming pattern and country kitchen feel. These matching storage organizers for kitchen countertop will be that special touch your modern or farmhouse kitchen needs

MATCHING ITEMS AVAILABLE – we also have a matching set of kitchen Storage Canisters in the Provence range.

• Durable white powder coated carbon steel body with handles and white lid
• Tall bread bin dimensions: H= 9.5 inches (with lid Height = 12.5) W= 13.2 inches  D= 7.5 inches
• Designer gift box

• Durable white powder coated carbon steel body with black trim
• Dimensions: H = 6.4 inches W= 5.3 inches (diameter)
• Designer gift box

WITH OVER 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE in kitchen counter decor and space saving solutions we bring to you only the best with our stylish range of bread bins for kitchen lovers.

RISK FREE purchase with SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!  So put us to the test and reward yourself with this beautiful addition to your kitchen farmhouse decor accessories

GREAT GIFT – our farmhouse kitchen decor bread bins are packaged in a designer gift box making it the perfect gift

BUY TODAY to get that country kitchen decor rustic feel in your home with our bread saver

90 reviews for Provence Large Farmhouse Bread Box With Utensil Holder

  1. Melissa Milne

    Love this bread box

    Attractive metal and sturdy box holds a good deal of bread which is what I wanted; a place to hide my unsightly opened bags of bread. Now my kitchen has the appearance of an organized and “farmhouse” style look with the addition of this bread box. I believe it’s a great purchase and worth the money.

  2. Annie Lee

    Great size and also it looks so good!

    I put so much in this, 2 loaves of bread, some English muffins, a couple bagels, crackers and there’s still room for more!It looks so nice on my counter too. Yay I’m happy with this bread box.

  3. Kayden

    The perfect bread box!

    I’ve been wanting a bread box but found that most of them were slightly thin and seemed to dent easily. I was pleasantly surprised today when I received my BEAUTIFUL Baie Maison Bread Box!! It was packaged securely and perfect for a gift! I would definitely order from them again! Thank you!!

  4. Christine Sheridan

    House warming

    Large … keeps counter neat and is house warming…

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  5. Geraldine Dean

    I love this bread box!

    I love the bread box. It takes less counterspace as my old one did. It is tall and roomy. Holds multiple loaves of bread plus bagels. Love it!

  6. LadyLuck

    So nice

    The first breadbox came scratched, BUT, had a quick and easy replacement. Average sturdiness. I am using the box for counter storage and it holds a TON of snack bags for the grand kids ! Very aesthetically appealing. Would look good with any Country theme, not just French Country. I am very satisfied .

  7. Jenn

    This bread box is huge!

    I was able to put a full loaf of bread, hamburger buns, a bakery roll, a full bag of Cheetos, Flour Tortillas, and 2-1/3 full bags of chips inside with room to spare! This is a great way to keep food accessible yet keep the kitchen looking neat and tidy! Awesome buy!!

  8. Lance K


    Looks nice on the counter and it has stopped the rescue cat from tearing open all the breads. Good alternative to putting all the bread products in the microwave. Roomy

  9. Susan S.


    It is a beautiful breadbox and looks lovely on my kitchen counter. It is very roomy and can store lots of bread, pastry, etc.I have an all white kitchen and it is a great addition to my counter!

  10. Paula G Richardson

    Bread box

    This is simply the greatest bread box. Love the great capacity, looks wonderful in my kitchen. Best buy – would buy it again and again.

  11. Jayvee

    Great Purchase

    This stylish breadbox Holds so much more than my old one and still takes up less counter space. You can fit two whole loaves of bread, two hotdog bun packages and still room for a bag or two that only have two slices left or even a bagel. With my old bread box we always had extra packages of bread in a basket outside of it. This is truly worth the price which was very reasonable as well. Packaged And protected very well for delivery.

  12. Steph Holloway (Hill)

    Very nice

    This was a good choice I made, it has a lot of room in it to store almost 2 loaves plus…

  13. Angela Sirmans

    Beautiful bread box, Amazing customer service!

    This bread box is beautiful and roomy. Exactly what I was looking for. But when it arrived the lid would not fit properly. I was able to contact their customer service late that evening via Facebook messenger. I described the issue and sent a couple of pictures and within just a few minutes they had another box headed my way and I didn’t have to go through the trouble of returning the defective box. I received my replacement box just a few days later and it was perfect. I would give the box 5 stars all day but their customer service is 10+ stars! Great company and they stand behind their products 100%!

  14. Frank C.

    Great for our needs

    Great for bread storage…we keep our bread in the bags but just wanted a space to get them off the counter. This product is very nice, very deep and stores a good amount of bread. Most of the others I’ve seen seem to remove the bread and put it in the bread box…that may work for some, we just wanted more of a storage container and it’s very nice and looks great on the counter.

  15. SouthernGrace

    Beautiful bread box

    LOVE this bread box. Finally one that is big enough to store a couple loaves of bread and not squash them!! Item came wrapped really well and in perfect condition!!

  16. Stephanie R

    This is the bread box you’ve been looking for!

    What a great bread box! It’s just what I was looking for and exactly what I expected. It fits 2 loaves of bread plus some extra buns I had in a bag. The description is right on and it’s such a great additional to my kitchen. Even my husband likes it!

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  17. Paola Martinez

    Beautiful bread box

    It’s a good size and very sturdy & thick. Definitely great value for the price. It fits all of my bread packs plus snacks.

  18. tonystess

    Really pretty on my counter

    I did not have a spot in the cupboard for bread, and hated how it looked left out on the counter. This bread box is so attractive, and has room for several loaves. Great addition to my cottage kitchen.

  19. Debbie

    This holds many loaves of bread

    I get 3 loaves of bread and English muffins in this bread box plus they stay fresh longer

  20. Amazon Customer

    Highly recommend!

    I was very impressed right away. The packaging was beautiful! It was like receiving a wedding gift almost. It brightens up my kitchen and is just as the pictures display. I currently have a full loaf of bread, package of taco sized tortillas, and a full package of English muffins with room for another loaf of bread. I definitely recommend this product and will most likely purchase again for a gift.

  21. Dr. Mom

    Really nice

    This is exactly what I was looking for to keep a clean, organized look in my kitchen. Can’t stand when the bread is left out on the counter and this solves that problem while adding a nice decorative touch. Coincidentally, It perfectly matches the dog treat canister I have had for years.

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  22. Vivian

    Space saver!

    Perfect. Before I got this beautiful bread box, my counters were overrun with ugly plastic bread bags everywhere! I am able to fit a large sourdough loaf plus a package of tortilla, hot dog and hamburger buns! So much counter space is saved!

  23. Hanson

    Love it

    I put all the bread in there and close it up. It’s a space saver and looks a lot nicer the. Having bread laying around, would recommend

  24. “Ebok98”

    Pure white gloss enamel tin with old charm

    Love my new bread box! It works perfect and holds at least 2 to 3 loaves depending on the size. If you like a mix of old charm with new then you will love this item. The scale is not too overwhelming or too small. It’s just right for under the counter.

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  25. Girly Mama

    Just as I hoped!

    I am very pleased with this breadbox. I did a lot of comparing before deciding I liked the style, was hoping it would also be functional. It is! I have raisin bread, a loaf of regular bread, plus hamburger buns and bagles in this baby! It was packed very well, I live in Alaska and it arrived in perfect condition, despite the long trip.

  26. Jann

    So happy I purchased this-I LOVE it!

    I Love this breadbox! It is exactly what I was looking for. First of all, it came very well packaged-sturdy outer box with styrofoam-no dents or chips. The box containing the breadbox is beautiful in itself and would certainly be lovely for gift giving. And then out comes this large, spacious, beautifully lettered breadbox. It looks great on my black granite countertop. It fits 2 full loaves of Arnold brand bread (to give an idea of size) plus other assorted bread products that were hanging around on my counter (hot dog rolls, Italian bread slices, etc.). The top fits perfectly too- it is a little domed which gives a little added space but not so snug that you would need 2 hands to hold the box while lifting the lid. If you have any doubts about getting this breadbox, put them to rest-I think you will be as impressed as I am.

  27. Bean

    Excellent quality, super functional and cute

    Beautiful box! The quality is excellent. It is currently holding two full loaves of bread and a package of tortillas, with too for more, so it can definitely hold a lot! I am so glad I purchased this to help with our limited pantry space. Pictured here next to a wine bottle for size reference. Delivery was way faster than expected, and it came in a beautiful box and well wrapped. Another plus – I contacted customer service with a question about other products and they responded quickly and were so helpful and kind. Really looking forward to seeing what else this company will offer in the future. Overall this is a great find!

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  28. Luxuryisthyname

    Perfect Extra Large Box

    I waited a very long time to get this bread box because of obvious circumstances but it was well worth the wait! It’s exactly as described and depicted on the website. It did have a slight bend in it due to shipping but it was very easy to straighten out and it’s perfect. This box is very large but thin so it doesn’t take up a lot of real estate on your kitchen countertop. I put a ton of different types of bread in there from a full loaf, English muffins, hot dog buns and Italian bread and I STILL have more room! I love the rustic farmhouse design and it goes well with my kitchen decor. Four stars just because of the bend it had but perfect otherwise! Highly recommend!

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  29. Zach Thompson

    Best bread box ever!!!

    Absolutely beautiful bread box. Well made and stores plenty of bread in a very attractive and sturdy box. What more could you ask for! Also reached out to BaieMaison directly for some help with some questions and they were prompt, friendly and absolutely wonderful. Top notch customer service and a perfect product. We could not be happier with the purchase and would definitely recommend any of their products! Thanks BaieMaison!!!!♥️♥️♥️

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  30. Stella

    You need one!

    This bread box is the perfect size! I was tired of loaves hanging around, trying to stuff them out of the way. This is a stylish answer to that problem!

  31. Kblott

    Well made, looks good and holding power is great

    We love this bread box! Its the perfect size. Nicely holds our regular variety of white bread, Dave’s Killer bread, bagels and hot dog buns. The lid easley comes on and off and it looks attractive in my little kitchen.

  32. Karen Hagin

    Farm kitchen

    What a beautiful sturdy deep bread box. Exactly what I wanted for my farm kitchen

  33. Gene Dude

    Quality material, attractive and spacious.

    It was delivered quickly and is quality material. Right now I have 2 loaves of bread, English muffins and bagels inside and there’s room to spare.

  34. Dani

    Looks great in the kitchen

    Really impressed with this bread box. It’s large, but not too large that is takes up so much room on the counter. You can fit quite a lot in it too. I have only been using it for a week, so u can’t comment on freshness. But I love the look of it.

  35. Lynne

    Can I get hell yes for clutter free counters!!!!

    I LOVE this bread box. It’s so large I can fit bread, rolls, snacks, and so many “little” snacks all at once. It is nice quality and looks really nice.

  36. EM


    Absolutely fabulous love it…looks great on the counter…recommend it 100%..good price as well.

  37. JenniferG

    Chic, large breadbox!

    Beautiful tin! Fit two loaves, two English muffin packages, my Mother’s Russian Easter bread & some crescent rolls! This household in not afraid of carbs. So French, so pretty. Very chic container!

  38. Delphine McLamb

    Extra Large White Bread box

    Love this so much, nice a deep holds snacks and two loafs of bread, nice.

  39. Misty Bilsky

    Great product!

    I love this breadbox! It is a good size for more than one loaf and matches perfectly with our farmhouse decor!

  40. Nicole

    Love it!!!

    I absolutely love this bread box!!! It is so cute. It will look perfect in my pantry. The decor in my house is farmhouse rustic and this bread box fits in perfectly! The lid fits very well. No need to fight it or maneuver it to get it on. The box is definitely big enough to fit 2 loafs of bread. It is nice and light weight. Because of this it look like it would be a bit easy to dent if you weren’t careful with it. I can’t imagine this happening all that much since it’s a bread box and shouldn’t need any man handling.All in all this bread box is super cute, stylish and useful!

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  41. Crystal O’Hara

    Great large bread box!

    I was looking for a large bread box to keep on my counter and this one is perfect! The size is just what I needed and the look is exactly what I wanted for my kitchen!

  42. Rob Tremble

    With Love Bread!

    It caught my eye on Amazon; it caught my heart when I put it on my counter. Simple; rugged; gorgeous… and I love it’s message. “With love, Bread.” Very very happy with this purchase.Holds two loaves, and we use those big sour dough loves. Looks like something my Great Grandma would have had.

  43. Amazon Customer

    Doesn’t come as pictured

    Didn’t come as pictured. A white box with no side handles and different lettering that only says “BREAD” was delivered with a grey lid. Very disappointing!UPDATE: I returned the first one delivered, bc again it was the wrong one. However, I ordered it a 2nd time praying I got the right one bc the picture of it is lovely. I got the 2nd one in yesterday and the RIGHT ONE CAME. It’s perfect. I love it. Would have given 5 stars if I didn’t have to go through the mess of returning and reordering.

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  44. Mily

    Love it

    Love the size. I can fit all my bread in one box. It looks really good in my white kitchen.

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  45. Shopper

    Beautiful bread box

    This is a beautiful bread box that held all of our bread items, ie sandwich bread, bagels, English muffins, etc. It is extremely well made and a wonderful product.

  46. Annonia

    Perfect Match for my Kitchen

    Beautiful design and it a perfect match for my kitchen. Sturdy enamelware with a nice fitting lid.

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  47. tulin

    I looove it!

    The size of this breadbox is amazing! I’m able to fit 2 loaves of bread, 2 bags of soft tacos, and a bag of hotdog buns!! It’s very cure and seems sturdy as well. I’d definetly reccomend it!

  48. Madisons dollhouse

    Great purchase

    Great looking, just as described. Fit loaf of bread, English muffins, hot dog and hamburger buns with room for more. Very pleased with purchase.

  49. Alisha

    Very sleek!

    I love this product! It goes great in my kitchen and holds 2 loafs of bread and a pack of hot dog buns! Only issue I have with it is it arrived damaged. It has a dent in the corner of the lid but I just hide it in back because it can still close!Update: they recently got in touch with me and sent me a whole new bread box! It’s in great condition!!! Thank you so much!!

  50. Marcelo Rios


    Really great looking. I thought it would be bigger, but the measurements are clearly stated. Not big enough to hold a French baguette, but roomy enough for 2-3 loaves of bread

  51. Allie

    Really cute

    Love the look a bit small if u have a lot of bread

  52. Linda Kasten

    Bread Box Fix

    Instead of storing bread and other daily food items next to the fridge on the counter (partially hidden from sight), I finally decided to buy this bread box to store them and keep my counters looking organized and clean. I love the shape and size. It holds plenty of goodies out of sight. Much bigger than I imagined and the lid is easy to lift and replace, not like my wooden bread box that was too big with a door that didn’t slide well.

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  53. kate

    Exactly how it is represented.

    Love the size of it and how it looks on my counter. Holds all of the breads I keep on hand and made my counter look much neater.

  54. Amazon Customer

    Extra Large Bread Box

    Extra large bread box is exactly what it is! A full loaf, half loaf, raisin bread, bagels, and a half bag of bagels fit- with room! It’s beautiful and sturdy. I’ve wanted a bread box for sometime and I’m so glad I went with this one! It’s the perfect compliment to my Farmhouse kitchen!!!

  55. Amazon Customer

    Big beautiful bread box!

    I love this bread box! It is so pretty and is very large. I have a cat who likes to eat bread through the wrapper so needed something to keep the bread in. I currently have 2 partial loaves of bread, 2 packs of English muffins, hot dog buns and a pack of bagels in it so that tells you how much it is! Would definitely buy this again for me or as a gift

  56. Customer

    Great Breadbox and Great Size

    This breadbox is the perfect size. It easily holds two loaves of bread and then some. I currently have two loaves of bread, a half used package of hamburger buns, four Twinkies and some cookies in it. It goes well with my decor. It is sturdy and attractive. I would recommend this breadbox.

  57. waterbaby

    Very nice bread box

    I like the fact that this looks elegant in my kitchen. The white bread box with black lettering is elegant. thanks

  58. H. Whitford

    Great buy!

    Love this breadbox. I have received many compliments when others see it also. Very Saturday and big enough to hold all of my bread products (not just a loaf). Highly recommend!

  59. Melanin girl

    Bread clutter gone!

    It had a little dent in it when I got it. But it is beautiful! I just pushed the small dent out. It cleans up all the bread clutter. Thank goodness! It’s not very thick material but it will serve my purpose.

  60. Bookstore lady

    Totally pleased

    I had a smaller bread box but specialty items were always laying on the counter. This bread box holds it all! And looks lovely at the same time! A real winner!

  61. ralena obryant

    Must Have

    Love Love this Bread Box, It fits 2 loaves of bread, a package of Bagels. Easily will hold 3 loaves of bread.. It looks beautiful.

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  62. Krista P. Smith

    Love this bread box

    Our box arrived in perfect condition as just as pictured. I was amazed at all we could fit in it – a loaf of bread, bagels, hot dog buns, etc – it’s very roomy and perfect for our large family. It fits in perfectly with our Fixer Upper farmhouse kitchen vibe. Highly recommend!

  63. J. taylor

    Beautiful bread box!

    This bread box is beautiful! It is just what i was looking for in my modern farmhouse kitchen! It came packaged well and in perfect condition. It fits a loaf of bread , pack of rolls, pack of english muffins and package of tortillas with room for a couple more buns .

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  64. Suzan Inskeep

    Super cute!

    I absolutely love this! It’s is big enough to hold a couple loaves of bread yet small enough to be space saving.

  65. Tina

    Love it!

    Perfect size! Looks really nice on the counter.

  66. Diana

    Great for large families!

    I live this bread box! It adds such a great look to my kitchen and accomplished the goal of cleaning up the corner where we stacked our bread/buns. It’s also very spacious. With a family of six, we usually have two loaves of bread out and maybe some hot dog or burger buns. It can fit all of that!

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  67. Jeni D

    Perfect Fit, love it.

    Love this bread box. This is the 3rd one I have tried of this type. It’s a good size. The lid fits well, seals, but not to tight that whole thing comes up when you try to take the lid off. I can fit a loaf, or two, bagels and English muffins with still room.

  68. Stacy Nichole Paul

    Great customer service, beautiful product!

    Such a beautiful bread box! My first one came a little bent from shipping, so I messaged the company, and they sent a replacement! I normally do not leave reviews, but I had such a great experience with this company and their customer service that I had to let all of my fellow Amazon friends know. It’s hard to find a good company that stands by their products. This bread box looks amazing in my kitchen and it was exactly what I was looking for. You won’t be disappointed in this purchase. 💗

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  69. Renate Magdalene

    Large storage capacity and looks great too

    I love this box, I can fit two loaves of bread in and then some. Very stylish as well and looks great on my counter, and saves counter space with organization. If you like the retro or cottage look, this is great.

    One person found this helpful

  70. Bronwyn Kraus

    LOVE it!

    I have been looking for a breadbox that would fit in with my simple, white and clean look of a kitchen. I wanted something that would fit more than just a loaf of bread. With a family of 6 we get a lot of bread and I needed something to keep it all organized and out of site. This bread box is perfect! I love the clean lines, the size and the style. It’s not an eye sore and it is perfect for holding a lot of bread.

    7 people found this helpful

  71. Jenni Eisenhardt

    Great product

    I love how big it is I can put my bread and buns and extra and it is so huge! And great for the price.

  72. CLW

    Why didn’t I get this sooner?????

    Perfect size. I have 6 hamburger buns, 6 hot dog buns, 6 ciabatta buns and a loaf of bread in mine right now. Put the ciabatta in two weeks ago and NO mold. They used to last less than a week. And it looks sooooo good sitting out. I wanted one for years but thought not worth the money. I could have bought 10 of these for all the money I threw away in moldy bread/buns.

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  73. Alex

    Can we say adorable??

    The media could not be loaded.

     LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Perfect solution for clean organized bread storage. Large container can fit multiple loaves, sturdy metal design, lettering is crisp and not faded (and a very cute design), came packaged meticulously with no dents. And it matches my farmhouse kitchen! After considering many others I’m glad I chose this one. Buy it!!

    2 people found this helpful

  74. Tracy Clark

    Beautiful bread box!

    This bread box is not only beautiful but sturdy and well made. I love it!

  75. Rebecca Reynard

    Love my new breadbox!!!

    I’ve been looking at different breadboxes for weeks trying to determine which one would be the best for me, and be the best overall product and value. I kept coming back to Baie Maison and decided to go with them. But the selections!!! There were so many beautiful ones to select from! I decided on the Provence. I received it today and it was securely packaged so it would not be damaged in shipping. Once I opened the box, I knew 100% I made the right decision! If you are looking for a functional while still attractive breadbox, you won’t be disappointed buying a Baie Maison!!!

  76. Kelly A.

    Very well made

    I am happy I purchased this bread box and received a quality product. It was packaged so well and arrived in perfect condition. Mine comfortably holds two loaves of the Wonder white bread.

  77. Peggy

    Huge breadbox

    Love that all of my bread, buns and English muffins fit in this bread box! It looks so much more organized on my counter now. Plus, nothing was smooshed. It just fit in on top of each other no problem. Can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner.

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  78. Ann-Margaret

    Made well

    Whimsical in my kitchen. Truly keeps the bread fresher for a bit longer

  79. B. Upholstery

    Modern Farmhouse Perfect!

    I love it!! It’s beautiful. It’s big. It’s perfect. I first saw one similar on Pinterest…Goldenboysandme kitchen and fell in love. Because it’s metal, I noticed she attaches magnetic pictures to match her decor in different seasons to it. I attached flexible magnets to a simple fall paper plate.


    Very nice and BIG!

    This bread box is really pretty and clean. It’s pretty big too. It came packaged very well and had no dings or dents. It’s easy to wipe clean. Plenty of room for two loaves of bread plus some extra items. It could easily hold 2 or maybe 3 12pks of buns. Great addition to my new kitchen!

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  81. hmall

    Good size

    It looks nice on the counter vs. some of the older styles. I can fit a pack of bagels, English muffins, load of bread, and tortillas without it being too full. Because it loads from the top, you do have to make sure items are in there right as not to crush softer breads.

  82. Marcia C.

    Perfect size! Very sturdy!

    I love the size of this box, the thickness of the metal makes it very sturdy. I love that it top loads and holds a great amount.

  83. Amazon Customer

    Holds alot

    Nice size and holds all my bread and extras. Good looking farm design

  84. Memphis34

    Worth every penny

    This is an extra large bread box and I love it! It holds 2 loaves of bread and a tray of Hawaiian rolls easily. It is made out of good quality material.

  85. Ashley

    Beautiful and has a good amount of storage

    I love this bread box so much! It’s so pretty and also very sturdy, arrived with no problems at all & it has a good amount of storage! Very happy with this purchase :)

    One person found this helpful

  86. Paige

    Looks beautiful in my kitchen

    I really love how this looks and its very sturdy. Great value for what its priced at.

  87. madisyn

    Love it, very profesionally packed,

    I like how well protected was packed. Very clean, it is a beautiful breadbox. I recommended highly. I wish you would have explain the charity you will contribute. Now days is good to know.

  88. Christiaan Lutzer

    Charming and definitely very large

    This bread box is charming and a keeper! Arrived in perfect condition and I’m sure the compliments will start rolling in once we have guests over. It is definitely very roomy and tall so make sure you measure where you would like to place it to ensure it fits your counter space and beneath your cabinets. It’s a bit pricey but I’m happy with my purchase.

  89. Linda Smith

    Beautiful bread box and excellent customer service!

    This bread box is beautiful and adds such a nice touch to my kitchen. The size is generous and wide enough to hold my very wide loaf of sour dough bread, plus another loaf and hot dog buns. The customer service was way above what I expected. I highly recommend this vendor.

  90. C. England

    Love it!

    Great product. Lot’s of room for bread, crackers and more. Looks great with my farmhouse kitchen design.Highly recommend!

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