Versailles Large Farmhouse Bread Box

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This beautiful extra large black farmhouse bread box with French Provincial styling will perfectly compliment your farmhouse, vintage or country style kitchen.


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EXTRA LARGE bread box – holds 2+ loaves with space to keep your bagels, hotdog and hamburger buns, tortillas, waffles, chips all organised and fresh. With extra height this kitchen counter organizer will save you precious counter space making it the ultimate bread loaf container

BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE FRENCH COUNTRY BREAD BOX BLACK – our stylish black and white kitchen decor bread storage container will be the envy of all your friends with its unique French Provincial styling and country kitchen feel.  Our large black bread box will be that special touch your kitchen countertop storage needs.


  • FDA approved, durable powder coated carbon steel body with handles & lid.
  • Tall bread box bin dimensions are:
    W= 13.2  D= 7.5  H= 9.5  (with lid Height = 13.5)
  • Designer gift box

WITH OVER 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE in kitchen counter decor and space saving solutions we bring to you only the best with our stylish range of bread bins for kitchen lovers.

RISK FREE purchase with SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!  So put us to the test and reward yourself with this beautiful addition to your kitchen farmhouse decor accessories

OUR LARGE METAL BOX WITH LID can also be used as a metal storage box or kitchen counter storage for other items. With no wording on the reverse side it also becomes a functional black storage countertop organizer or country kitchen accessory for your vintage kitchen.  When choosing a bread box large and tall is the way to go to maximise countertop storage !!

GREAT GIFT – our farmhouse kitchen decor bread bins are packaged in a designer gift box making it the perfect gift

BUY TODAY to get that French Country kitchen decor feel in your home with our bread saver

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Baie Maison

191 reviews for Versailles Large Farmhouse Bread Box

  1. C. Samson

    Good size and looks nice.

    Looks great and large enough for several packages of rolls or bread. Doesn’t take up too much counter space. Packaged with care.

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  2. Michelle

    Worth buy

    I can’t say anything bad. Brings out the farmhouse look in my kitchen. Love it

  3. Daphne Jensen


    So much room to store all the breads!!! Beautiful on my countertop.

  4. zena

    Very large

    It’s very large and holds a lot

  5. Amazon Customer

    Looks good

    It Is perfect for my country kitchen

  6. Robin L. Parker

    Styling design

    I love how this stylish black bread box goes great with my countertops. It has plenty of room to keep all my bread products out of the way.

  7. Alchal

    Beautiful breadbox!

    I love the size., the sturdiness and the look. Exactly what I was looking for. I haven’t used it long enough to know how well it keeps the bread fresh. Will follow-up at a later time.

  8. Angela

    Glad I picked this bread box

    This bread box is big enough to hold everything, and it looks great

  9. NM Teach

    Beautiful Box

    This box not only held two loaves, but cookies I had in a ziplock bag. Very impressed!

  10. mia burdett

    It’s is a wonderful bread box that stores more bread and buns than other ones I looked at.

    Loved the space. Loved the quality.

  11. Dr. JES

    Extra Large is as Stated

    The space of this bread box allows storage of all kinds of bread-sliced bread, bagels, hamburger and hot dog rolls, etc. There is a color selection and black matched items in my kitchen. The height and width allows for much storage. The Bread Box is a piece in the kitchen that allows for those good memories from childhood to return. Running in the kitchen, going to the bread box to make the traditional sandwich. Great to see that a traditional household item is still available.

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  12. Ossie burton

    Love this

    Very spacious

  13. Donna L Butler


    It works in any kitchen. Room for everything

  14. Amazon Customer

    Love my bread box

    I have been looking for a bread box for awhile now. I’m so very pleased with the size and the quality of it.

  15. Brian Sensale

    Good value

    Arrived well packages, and in great condition.

  16. Donnamarie Nielsen


    Exactly what I wanted and furs description perfectly

  17. Foxyroxy

    A very elegant looking, yet practical breadbox.

    Very sturdy and aBle to store quite a bit. Just received it, so I haven’t had it long enough to write how fresh it keeps its contents yet.

  18. Therese

    Really good item!

    I am very pleased with the quality of this breadbox and know it is exactly what was needed in my vintage kitchen! Very sturdy and esthetically pleasing!

  19. Amazon Customer

    Great size!

    I was able to fit a box of donuts, 4 large bagels and 2 steak rolls inside and there was still plenty of room.

  20. Mark Smith

    Removes all the clutter of having products all over the place .

    Looks amazing and the size is great, as it does indeed fit bread, bagels and other products as well.

  21. Kindle Customer

    Big and beautiful!

    This beautiful bread box is sturdy and large. It is not made to go in your dishwasher so don’t try. For reference-those are two Costco containers of muffins in the box! Lovely way to clear my counters!

  22. Jerad Clark

    Nice size

    Great large size that can accommodate several loaves of bread. We’re using it to hide medicine on our kitchen counter so that it looks less cluttered.

  23. Carolyn hart


    It’s bigger than I thought but it holds a lot!

  24. ChiMaxx

    Neat n tidy

    This box not only adds function by keeping bread freas, but looks nice on the counter. It’s currently is holding a loaf of sliced bread, hotdog and hamburger buns plus a couple of muffins.

  25. nikki

    Love it!

    Was tired of my bread items all over the counter. This is SPACIOUS– fits a couple of loaves, English muffins, and a package of hot dog buns with no problem. Looks great. SO much better! Recommend.

  26. Jerad Clark

    Nice size

    Great large size that can accommodate several loaves of bread. We’re using it to hide medicine on our kitchen counter so that it looks less cluttered.

  27. KL Jordan

    Holds 2-3 loaves

    This bread box was even better than what I expected. It will hold 2-3 loaves of bread which was exactly what I was looking for! Plus it looks just like the image, so it’s chic and looks great in my kitchen. Now my counter looks nicer and less cluttered.

  28. Cristionas

    Holds alot- atleast 2 full loaves

    Very pretty and holds alot.

  29. Nicole

    Great purchase!

    Very happy with this purchase. Amazing amount of storage space and keeps items fresh. Great customer service… Wonderful addition to my pantry makeover.

  30. Erica

    Love it!

    I love it! It’s very spacious and can easily fit 2 loafs of bread and more.

  31. Jeanette Smith

    Live it.

    This looks nice on my counter and gives me a space for bread and some snacks


    Great product!

    I searched a long time because I wanted a bread box that kept my bread fresh and at the same time looked good! This bread box checked all the marks and it arrived earlier than expected! Thank you for providing a great product at a great price!

  33. Peggy

    Great size and shape. Love the graphic too.

    Love it even if I am not going to use it for bread as we don’t eat a lot of bread. Bought it to put on top of our cabinets to hold skinny popcorn and chips. Looks great in my black, white, and taupe 1919 renovated kitchen.Just because it says Bread doesn’t mean you have to use it for bread.

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  34. RayInSeattle

    Nice looking- doesn’t look cheap, great quality!

    I have been shopping for a nice bread basket that also holds a fair amount. This is perfect on my white quartz countertop. Perfection!

  35. Mrs. Roberts

    It’s beautiful! I love my breadbox!

    It’s beautiful & spacious.

  36. Ronald A. Judice

    Great bread box.

    Love this bread box. Keeps bread fresh and keeps the bread items neat in one place. Holds a lot.

  37. Laura K. ~ Tampa, Fl.

    The minute I opened the box I new I made the right choice!

    Love, love, love this Bread Box. Bale Maisons reviews were good but this exceeded my expectatons. No joke, when I opened the box and saw the care of the wrapping for protection of the box I new I would be pleased. It looks beautiful on my counter and the size is decieving. Does not take over the counter yet holds so much. I have feeling I will be searching for this brand again in the future!

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  38. MJ

    Love it!

    Just what I was looking for! It fits at least 3 bags of bread or bread and chip bags. Is great in making everything look neat and having a place to store goods!

  39. Loralean Brown

    Finally got what I was looking for!

    It was spacious and accommodated all of my needs. As a family of 7, we use a lot of bread.Rolls, muffins, loaves, buns, it all fit! Yay!

  40. me

    Best bread box ever!

    Hated my mound of bread on counter… does not keep it fresh so still need to go through once a week and take out the old. But my counter looks better. Family of 5 has a lot of bread.

  41. tiny williams

    I love it

    I love it it’s big and holds a lot of bread

  42. Hwest

    Plenty of room

    Fit a pack of hamburger buns, poboy buns, hamburger buns and a loaf of French bread with extra room for more.

  43. sheila chesnick

    Love it ! Gorgeous!!

    Love my bread box !!! I have gotten so many compliments already . Love the size , quality, and how it looks on my counter .

  44. Stacey L. Bush


    Great addition to my new pantry.

  45. Hieeeeeeee

    Stylish and sturdy bread saver extra large fits many things.

    It’s perfect. I was very pleased when I opened the box. The size is nice. There is no cosmetic damage. No dents. They packaged it well. I put bagels in there so far and can see I can fit chips, cookies, loafs of bread, bagels. All of the things I want to keep fresh and off the counters. I can’t put everything in the fridge at all times so I wanted this bread box. Also, it looks good on my table and when someone gets hungry we can just open it up and grab something without going far from the table. The design looks nice too.

  46. Ronald A. Judice

    Great bread box.

    Love this bread box. Keeps bread fresh and keeps the bread items neat in one place. Holds a lot.

  47. Nikki

    Bread box

    The tin bread box is very beautiful, it hold two loaf of bread it seems to keep the bread fresh so far.

  48. Charolett

    small for x large

    It said x large and its not as big as I thought it would be.

  49. B Derringer

    Awesome bread box!

    I make a lot of homemade bread and this one is awesome! It replaced one that was 100% bamboo with a rollup door. The old one worked for about a year and when I noticed the bottom had mold. Picked it up and the underside of the interior of the box was covered in mold! Yeah, the bottom was really pressboard with a fake bamboo covering.Anyway, this one is awesome! Holds quite a bit and doesn’t promote mold! Keeps bread fresh and is cute to boot! Bought the matching utensil holder as well! Just get it!

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  50. Jessica Chappell

    Met all my expectations

    I love this bread box. Its modern farmhouse, super cute and big enough to hold all my bread items such as a loaf of bread, bagels, tortillas, and then some. I absolutely love it!

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  51. cheryl heisler

    Good quality

    Great for storing bread

  52. Tami Maki

    Better than expected!

    This bread box is absolutely beautiful! Much prettier in person than in the picture, and there is a ton of room. I can fit my loaf of bread, a package of rolls, and hide my cookies at the same time, LOL!

  53. lola

    Good product.

    Very spacious

  54. Amazon Customer DJYSH

    Just What Was Needed!

    Roomy enough to store and keep fresh a loaf of bread, English muffins, and sandwich buns without squeezing them all in. A great purchase at a great price and attractive, too.

  55. Rebecca K. Rappold

    It’s very large and holds a lot

    We actually bought this to keep dog treats in to keep them out of sight on our counter. It’s very attractive.

  56. Nicole Walker

    Love it

    I just started using this, I love it

  57. Elizabeth Martinez

    Look no further!!! You have found the breadbox you needed!

    So happy with this purchase!!! Searched for a few weeks at the online retailers when this site grabbed my attention! Pricing was great and the Lok of the box was great! I was surprised how much I was able to fit in it!! Happy I no longer have a clutter of bread on my counter!!

    8 people found this helpful

  58. Gwendolyn Kramer

    Gorgeous and perfect!

    I loved the bread box it fits so much and worth every penny

  59. Lit Books 🔥 📚

    Little bigger than expected

    I love the way this bread box looks with the color scheme in my kitchen. It *is* a little larger than I expected, but that’s a plus! I have a pack of hamburger buns, half a loaf of bread, and a pack of tortillas and there is STILL room for more!

    7 people found this helpful

  60. Theresa Love

    It holds a lot and uses less space. And it’s cote!

    Stores all kinds of opened and closed breads. Sometimes 4 packages at a time. Got rid of the clutter and it doesn’t take up much counter space!

  61. Nicole

    Exactly what I wanted!

    Lots of storage room inside, and it looks good on the counter

  62. Miss J

    Looks amazing up against our light grey backsplash!

    I know everyone wants to keep their bread fresh. This bread box definitely does that. The really nice thing is, it’s a beautiful storage/organizational piece that relieves clutter while adding a lovely touch of class to your kitchen! We got the large one so we could add cookies & crackers, bagels & buns that get left open on the counter. Looked at a lot of white and cream colored ones. But this matte, black finish is everything and the design on the front is gorgeous! Would definitely recommend this well built and carefully shipped product!

    One person found this helpful

  63. Jo Carmon

    Beautiful! I’m so pleased!

    Plenty of room inside for two loaves and a package of buns.

    One person found this helpful

  64. tammy misenheimer

    Country modern!

    Holds two full loaves of bread and a pack of buns perfectly.

  65. Jill Vidales

    Love it!!!

    Just as expected! Keeps my bread fresh !!! Love it

  66. gp

    Just what I was looking for.

    Size is perfect for me. We can put 2 loads of bread. Plus muffins.Well made and looks good on my counter.

  67. emma c.


    Capacity for multiple loaves is less desirable

  68. Nick&Amy4ever

    Love this!!

    Absolutely love it!!! Keeps our bread fresh and organized!! Super cute!! And got here quick!!

  69. Keechmabreeks

    Does the job and looks good

    but it’s feels quite cheap , very thin metal. It works for what I bought it for so I’m keeping it , as the storage size is great.

  70. Jacqueline Johnson

    Super convenient!

    Doesn’t seal tight but works great for us!Large capacity!!

  71. PK

    Great Bread Box

    Good size bread box , lots of room to store things

  72. Dawn Doughty

    Looks small but it holds A LOT!

    At first I was disappointed because it looks kinda small but it actually holds a lot of stuff so I absolutely love it!

  73. Becky Thomas

    Perfect size

    Perfect size!! Looks great on the counter.

  74. Lisa

    Cute & holds a lot!

    I store two loaves and a bags of buns or rolls, plus partials. Bottom line: It’s big enough for a family! Cute too.

  75. sheila chesnick

    Love it ! Gorgeous!!

    Love my bread box !!! I have gotten so many compliments already . Love the size , quality, and how it looks on my counter .

  76. Lisa Moriarty

    LOVE it!

    This Bread Box is big and roomy. It holds 2 loaves of bread and a couple packs of partially used buns. Fit is with my decor, a real space saver and badly needed!

  77. lblaralu

    So much room!

    This bread box is exactly what I was looking for. Plenty of room for all the bread. Big enough for two full loaves of bread. Will hold all our bread but not take up so much counter space.

  78. Gina Scheffler

    Happy with its appearance

    Very attractive and appears antique

  79. David

    Very Pleased

    Better than what I expected. This bread box is a great look.

  80. Kevin S

    Love it!

    Looks so stylish but also practical!

  81. K. Kurzhals

    Very happy with my purchase

    Their were so many bread boxes when I searched Amazon. I wanted a black bread box but a tall one so I an put the bread and a couple other items like peanut jar and honey in it. The utensil cup is larger than I though it would be and you can put a lot of spatulas spoons and turner and get them out of your drawer I remodeled the kitchen and want to keep the counters clean and sleek. Love it!

  82. social work lady

    Love it

    The entire process of getting the box was easy,The product is beautiful and well-made, it came very well packaged with no damage. And it’s huge! I can fit two loaves of bread and a pack of hot dog buns with no problem. I would highly recommend. Keeps my bread fresh, and my buns are happy!

  83. Erica Jackson

    Great product

    Like everything about it

  84. Torore

    Thinking of a bread box… Try this and you’ll be glad you did!

    Perfect size !

  85. Charlene Edwards

    I love everything I have receive from Amazon

    I love it keep my bread so fresh Thank you’

  86. wendy lilly


    Cute and durable

  87. charlie

    Let’s get organized

    At first I thought this item would be to big for my countertop but, it is not. I love this bread box

  88. Sabrina

    Love it!

    I’ve been looking for the perfect black bread box to match my kitchen decor. This box exceeds my expectations. It is sturdy and extra large. I’m sure you can fit minimal 2 loaves of bread, buns, and some snacks. I was pleasantly surprised!

  89. Melanie J Perrin


    Love it cute, functional, plenty of room, matches my kitchen perfectly

  90. Pam

    Very pretty on the counter!

    I had a problem , when shipped. I called the company directly. I reach their customer care person, Emily! She worked to resolve it quickly and emailed daily to tell me details . Great company great products!!Waiting on the canister set to come out now!

  91. DOTD59

    Great buy

    Perfect fit for my needs

  92. Designer77

    Stylish and very functional

    Roomy and great looking! Love that I can hide all the bread clutter usually on the counter in something so pretty too. Full loaf of bread, English muffins, rolls, etc. It all fits and adds a great touch to my kitchen too. Love it!

    8 people found this helpful

  93. Nikole Denae

    Quality Product!

    Better than the picture! Amazing find, and so beautiful crafted! Holds up to four loafs of bread, lots of space and wide enough to hold. Great buy!

    One person found this helpful

  94. Mommy to 3 littlin’s

    Perfect bread box

    The media could not be loaded.

     Absolutely love this bread box for my large family. Love its look, its capacity, its design and durability. Nothing left to say except it comes in white too if you prefer. Watch my video.

    64 people found this helpful


  95. GeeTay


    I love this bread box, great material deep to put bread, cookies whatever your heart desires. I think this was a great investment for my bread.

  96. Barish Ariaye



  97. Amazon Customer


    Product was exactly what I was looking for to go with my newly updated kitchen

  98. Merveen

    Bread box

    Awesome box and beautifully done!

  99. Sarah K. Fleming

    Attractive solution to counter clutter

    Makes all the counter clutter disappear and nicely coordinates with my kitchen decor. It’s huge, so no problems with fitting everything in.

  100. NELA


    It’s perfect!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  101. frustrated

    Doesn’t preserve freshness

    doesn’t affect freshness of bread–nice decoration–but useless for preserving bread. Just keep your bread in the freezer–might be useful if you are trying to protect your bread from mice or insects–otherwise just a decorative chotsky you can store stuff in.

    One person found this helpful

  102. Amazon Customer

    Very useful and keeps my bread products fresh!

    I love it! I love how big it is and how it fits everything that I need to put in there!

  103. Christine P


    So happy I found this….it holds 2 English muffin bags, loaf of bread and 8 hamburger buns bag. Love I don’t need to see all that of my counter anymore. The bread box is sturdy and well made.

    One person found this helpful

  104. Marilynne Stone

    Perfect bread box!

    I was looking for a larger bread box and this one was perfect! It fits a loaf of bread, a bag of rolls or two and some bagels. Wonderful

  105. Cynthia Illicete

    Pleased with product.

    My one year old GSD is a counter surfer. When I saw him with the bag of hot dog buns in his mouth I knew I needed some kind of bread container. Saw this product had good reviews so I ordered it. It looks good on the counter and so far it’s holding up well.

  106. Jeannie Moton

    Daughter loved it

    It fit on the counter nicely

  107. Shirley W.


    I like that the bread stays fresh so much longer than just sitting out on the counter.

  108. Pat Pflipsen

    Holds a lot more than I thought it would!

    Nicely made and holds do much. I currently have 2 bagels of bagels, a loaf of bread, dinner rolls and hamburger buns. Keeps items fresh and looks great on my counter. A little pricey but looks terrific. Don’t hesitate if you’re considering this purchase!

  109. Twana York

    Beautiful Bread Box!

    This bread box is absolutely beautiful. It exceeded my expectations and I’m so glad that I made this purchase for my kitchen!

  110. Jcj


    I love this. Very stylish looking Always kept my bread in microwave but I keep many types of bread. It was a pain to empty out tonuse. This looks beautiful and keeps my bread fresh

  111. Zaibah Rafiq


    Glad to purchase this bread box. It can hold so many breads, bagels etc.. sturdy and cute.

  112. Amazon Customer

    Very useful and keeps my bread products fresh!

    I love it! I love how big it is and how it fits everything that I need to put in there!

  113. Amazon Customer

    Great bread box

    It is exactly what I was looking for. It came well packaged. I really like that it is tall and narrow, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

    2 people found this helpful

  114. Elayne T.

    Nice size!

    Nice big size, super cute, I love it.

  115. nic


    Well made and exactly what I was looking for. I love it!

  116. Chelle69

    The perfect bread box!

    I recrived my bread box today. It is perfect with my farmhouse decor. It is large and heavy duty. Better than expected.

  117. Debra


    Nice product, fits all my bread products. can’t comment on freshness just rec’d product.

  118. Lisa Crimboli

    X-Large Black

    Love this breadbox!! Tons of room for plenty of bread and buns!

  119. Nicole Osenenko

    Better in person!

    Arrived early and in great condition. Looks wonderful on my counter and doesn’t take up much space.

  120. victoria cantor

    Love the design

    Love this.

  121. darlene taylor

    Exactly what I wanted

    I’ve looked all over for a bread holder, finally went on Amazon, saw this one, ordered it and very very happy

  122. Brenda Peters

    Very spacious

    Spacious and well made very deep inside.

  123. Haley Brown

    Stylish bread box!

    Love the look of my new bread box and the size is great !!!

  124. Patricia

    Great Buy

    I love this item. i was a little skeptical, but it was able to store two large loafs of bread and some other items. awesome

  125. Jamie Emerson


    Love this product!

  126. Kyra Edwards

    Cool breadbox!

    I love the look of this along with the fact that it can hold at least 3 loaves of bread or 4. Nice capacity.

  127. Brittany Oglesby

    Perfect for the kitchen well made and packaged great no scratches…. Definitely recommend !!

  128. Jerome R.

    I like the design. Clean and modern. Great match for my taste. Well built.

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     Design is great. Simple, clean and modern. Well built.

  129. Nan

    Holds a lot

    Great way to store breads that looks neat and tidy on a counter of in a pantry. I was surprised at how much the box held. Pleased with my purchase



    It is perfect size perfect color love it.

  131. marianne s



  132. Angela

    Great storage solution

    I live in a small home with very limited counter top space. This bread bin was a perfect solution!

  133. Amazon Customer


    Excellent!!!!! If there was any gripe it would like it to a bit thicker …. it’s a ‘thin tin’.It’s HUGE I’ve kept tortillas 2 loves of bread and English muffins at one time.

  134. Frankie and Max

    Very large

    It met my expectations with the size and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  135. Butterfly

    Wow buy this

    I got the bundle with the utensil holder I an extra utensil cup thinking this one wouldn’t be big enough. This cup as well at the bread box passed my expectations. They are both so beautiful and big I was so shocked when I opened it. I love this and I highly recommend this product especially with how much it costs.

  136. LUCIA

    Large bread box

    Very large, nice black color. Not glossy! I love it

  137. Julie Bragg

    Looks great on my counter and holds all my bread items

    Wanted to clean up the messiness of all my bread on the counter and keep it fresh. This box is large enough for my bread loving family and looks great on my counter too!

  138. Tina Hardiman

    Its so cute and fits all my bread, buns

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     Its so cute and fits all bread inside

  139. G. Coffee

    Best Breadbox

    This is the best breadbox I’ve ever had and is perfect for my small kitchen. It’s not only beautiful, it’s very sturdy, the lid fits very well and keeps everything fresh. I absolutely love it. And it was a great price too!

  140. Michelle Pearson

    Holds a lot!

    I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen and am waiting for the countertops to be installed. The island is going to be black and the side countertops are white. This beautiful breadbox fits in perfectly. I was surprised by how much it holds. I put a full loaf of bread plus about a third of another loaf in; then I added two sleeves of bagels. There was still some room left! This is a very stout item, very heavy duty. I am impressed!!!

    14 people found this helpful

  141. Tay streats

    Good looking for your kitchen nice product I like it

    Good looking for your kitchen nice product I l Used it as a bread box and decoration love this product beautiful

  142. Amazon Customer

    So far so good

    Haven’t been using this long enough to know how well it keeps bread fresh. However it fits in perfectly with our decor and appliances. And I love the size! It holds plenty. Also I didn’t need the matching utensil holder As I have one I like more, but for only $3 more I went ahead and got it in case I want to change down the road or gift it to someone

  143. Doris Severance

    Fits perfectly

    It fits beautifully on my counter.

  144. PK

    Great Bread Box

    Good size bread box , lots of room to store things

  145. cherie myers

    I love it and it looks great on my counter

    I love the size an it is beautiful on my counter

  146. Angela Wilson

    Great Buy

    This bread basket is a great for my kitchen theme color and its durable and holds more than one loaf of bread.

  147. Lisa Courtney

    It’s great for than one loaf of bread

    It’s deep enough for a couple of loaves of bread. It’s goes well with my black white kitchen

  148. Rick

    Perfect for my culinary space

    Old school bread box with an updated look. Great quality. Utensil holder was much larger than I anticipated and was pleasantly surprised, it actually holds my rolling pin.

  149. Melanie Cylkowski

    So cute & multi functional!

    Ordered for my in-laws to actually use to hide stuff sitting on the counter so I can’t speak for the freshness but they absolutely love it and it’s adorable! Great way to hide that stuff that you want out all the time yet don’t want it showing!

  150. Lula Smith

    Bread Box

    It keeps bread fresh.

  151. Kim


    Beautiful, perfect, looks wonderful in my kitchen, roomy!

  152. Lisa Courtney

    It’s great for than one loaf of bread

    It’s deep enough for a couple of loaves of bread. It’s goes well with my black white kitchen

  153. Nora O.

    Terrific product & quality !

    I am so pleased with this product’s quality & appearance that I just ordered a second one to store other items which were cluttering my kitchen.

  154. MrsC


    Can hold multiple loafs. Can place hamburger buns, hot dogs buns and Bread. Tons of room.

  155. Connie g.

    Lots of storage … Awesome size!

    Love it !… Lots of storage… would buy this Again for a gift ♥️ Looks just like the picture

  156. Charlene White-Lowery

    Amazing box

    The bread box is sturdy and very user friendly. The box is large enough for 1-3 loaves of bread . I am glad I purchased it .

  157. JeanA


    This bread box is perfect. It hold 3 loafs of bread and 2 pkgs of hotdog/hamburger rolls. It takes up less space than my wood breadbox did. I recommend this item.

  158. Amazon Customer

    Great size!

    I was able to fit a box of donuts, 4 large bagels and 2 steak rolls inside and there was still plenty of room.

  159. Lori Coggins

    Black Bread box

    It was exactly like the picture and a great price. I love it!!

  160. Cha’dae Gabby

    Great storage!! Keeps All Bread Lasting Longer!!

    Love it!! Huge storage and Kris my Bread lasting super long!! I keep two packs of tortillas, two packs of burger buns, two loads of bread and straggler bread and still have room!! Definitely recommend!

  161. MJD

    Wonderful Product!

    Very Pleased With The Purchase Of This Beautiful Bread Box that has great storage capacity!I highly Recommend it!

  162. Judith A.

    Capacity and look of the Bread Box

    I love the size and capacity.

  163. Nikole Denae

    Quality Product!

    Better than the picture! Amazing find, and so beautiful crafted! Holds up to four loafs of bread, lots of space and wide enough to hold. Great buy!

    One person found this helpful

  164. Shirley W.


    I like that the bread stays fresh so much longer than just sitting out on the counter.

  165. ewjlbj

    Finally, a bread box with style!

    I love this bread box. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Lots of room.

  166. Denise G. Lucca

    Great addition!

    Perfect addition to my beautiful kitchen!

  167. Welch1023

    Gorgeous Bread Box

    This bread box holds a lot! I currently have two loaves of bread and a bag of English muffins in it. Plenty of room for everything. Seals tight for freshness. It’s stunning in my newly remodeled kitchen.

    One person found this helpful

  168. Billie Jawn

    Perfect at its finest!😁

    Finally found perfect containers for our food and utensils! The sturdiness of these containers should create a tight seal for overall freshness. Now got to change my kitchen counters around to spotlight these beautiful containers. 😁

  169. kaydee

    Perfect Size!!

    Just what I was looking for!! Attractive and holds three loaves of bread

  170. Shelley


    Love this! I intended to put it in the pantry but decided to leave it on the counter as a great add to my decor. Holds more than I expected and arrived even earlier than I was told. Definitely recommend!

  171. Clifford Browne Jr

    Space Saver

    The Baie Maison bread box is an elegant piece of kitchen furniture. I love how it can store bread, bagels, and small tortillas comfortably and keeps the bread fresher for longer. The box is pretty sturdy as long as your not applying pressure on it. The design on the front reminds me of Paris. It’s a must have.

  172. Lanny

    Very good product and packaging.

    Whole family loves it. Holds enough bread for our large family.

  173. CeeShell

    Looks great and stores a lot

    This bread box looks great. It stores my 2 loaves of bread and a pack of hamburger buns without crushing anything. I am sure I could fit a little more in there. It’s kept the bread pretty fresh and soft so far.


    Great Farmhouse look

    Good size compared to others I had looked at.

  175. DOTD59

    Great buy

    Perfect fit for my needs

  176. Bob Thompson


    It great

  177. tim

    It’s absolutely perfect!

    Nothing to dislike about this breadboard! Well built and looks even better. Easily holds 2 loaves of bread and some more! We are super pleased with this.

  178. Aumber Baldwin

    This is a YES from me!

    Love it! Nice Size Bin that fits assortment of items which include bread, bagels and tortillas. Love the design!

  179. kuma

    Worth The Price!

    Huge, thin enough not to interfere on the counter, quality is absolutely excellent, price is decent, and the printing on the outside is excellent as well. I highly recommend this product!

  180. Angela lajara

    Bread bix

    Beautiful ,amazing

  181. M. Lang

    So much room inside

    Love this bread box. It is so roomy inside. Love it with my country decor. You won’t be disappointed.

    6 people found this helpful

  182. Rebekah Schwandt

    Great buy!

    Just what I was looking for! I was impressed with its storage capacity too!

  183. Lisa J.

    Very Large, Perfect Addition to Any Kitchen

    VERY happy with my purchase. I did my research as I was looking for a bread box large enough to fit at least 2 loaves of bread and came in a color I wanted. After a lot of comparisons I went with this one and so glad I did. It came sooner than expected in perfect condition. Its made out of a lightweight tin/metal type material. Lid sits perfectly on top. And not only does it fit 2 whole loaves of bread, there is still room for other things (see pictures) so glad I brought it. I’ve had it for about a week and so far so good.

    One person found this helpful

  184. Trudy Carisse

    Love it

    Great size…and colour…

  185. tiera Reid

    Amazing bread box

    Love this bread box!!!


    Very happy customer

    I love this bread box fits well on my counter, very spacious fits 2 bread and other stuff. Highly recommended.

  187. Jamie A

    Just buy it already!

    Very impressed! Solid build and a ton of space to store bread, buns, and other baked goods. Love the design! I love how it is taller instead of wide, takes up less space.

    2 people found this helpful

  188. Shale

    Holds a lot of bread..

    Spacious and holds a lot of bread. Easy to clean and doesn’t take up a ton of counter space. Love it and the design. I got it in black.

  189. Amazon Customer

    Great value for the price

    This bread box is just as described. I love the capacity and it looks really nice. Highly recommend ❤️

  190. Pam Johnson

    Looks amazing

    Love that it is over sized to hold two loafs of bread.

  191. Colette McDonald

    Vintage Beauty

    Beautiful and sturdy. Is plenty large to hold multiple items without using a lot of counter space.

    One person found this helpful

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